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I was away for a while, but now I’m back for simet ime and I am just updating. I added over 1000 caps related to ‘Dirtysomething’. It is 1994 movie with Rachel as Becca. I added captures taken from the whole movie and also captures from the interview. Enjy!







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Rachel Weisz: ‘It’s Lovely’ Giving Back with Husband Daniel Craig

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ames Bond actor Daniel Craig and his Oscar-winning wife, Rachel Weisz, made a rare show of public togetherness on a night out in New York Monday as they accepted awards for their charity work.

Craig, clad in a gray suit, and Oz the Great and Powerful star Weisz – in a sleeveless light pink dress and towering black heels – arrived at the seventh annual Night of Opportunity gala at Cipriani Wall Street smiling and holding hands before being honored by The Opportunity Network, which aims to help underprivileged teens get into (and pay for) college and launch successful careers.

Weisz, 44, told PEOPLE the decision to collaborate with the New York education organization was an easy one, and that she valued being able to work closely with her husband on the initiative.

“It’s really lovely” working together, she said. “It’s something that was incredibly natural and obvious to us.”

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Rachel Weisz Interview 1994 The Word

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Look what I’ve found!

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig want a baby – might it be conceived in Dalkers?!

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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig want to have a baby. And – as discussed at length in February – they’re due to move to the Dalkey/Dun Laoghaire area imminently. There’s nothing like the brisk Irish Sea air to get ya in the mood, wha?!

The couple, who tied the knot in a secret ceremony in New York City in front of just four guests, including the ‘Skyfall’ star’s daughter Ella, 22, and the actress’ son Henry, seven, in June 2011, are reportedly ready to expand their family as they are more in love than ever.

A source told Us Weekly: ‘They talk about having kids together. It’s about timing at this point… They’re so happy.’

The 44-year-old brunette looked “besotted” with her husband, 46, as they made a rare red carpet appearance at the Opportunity Network gala in Manhattan, New York on April 7th, where they accepted an award for their charity work.

An eyewitness said: “When they came on stage, she never too her eyes off Daniel as he spoke.” Well, he was speaking, it’s generally the thing to do. If she’d been looking around the room they would’ve said she was totally disinterested.

Rachel previously admitted she hadn’t ruled out having more children, saying: “Oh, I wouldn’t make one just for the sake of giving my son a sibling. But… you never know.”

The Lovely Bones star also said becoming a mother to Henry, whose father is Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, had made her “much happier.”

In an interview in 2009, she said: “I think being a mum and having a child has completely grounded me. It’s amazing, and I’ve never been happier in my life. Being a mum is just delicious, and Henry is so scrumptious I could just eat him up. And I’m a much happier person since I’ve had Henry, and much more balanced. I feel I have an ultimate purpose beyond anything else in my life.”


More 7th Annual Night Of Opportunity Gala Photos

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I’ve added 21 new photos of Rachel Weisz attending the 7th Annual Night Of Opportunity Gala.

You can see all the new ones here.

7th Annual Night Of Opportunity Gala Photos

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I’ve added 13 photos of Rachel Weisz attending the 7th Annual Night Of Opportunity Gala yesterday.

thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0001.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0002.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0003.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0004.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0006.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0005.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0007.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0008.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0009.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0010.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0011.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0012.jpg thumb_7thAnnualNightOfOpportunityGalaApril72014_0013.jpg

new shoot added

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I just added this 2013 shoot by Christopher Anderson.


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Rachel is 44 today!

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Happy Birthday, Rachel Weisz! I truly hope this year will be amazing for You and your career! Here Rachel is 17 – picture taken by Kevin Davies.


Happy Birthday, Rachel!

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new shoot added

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I just added this lovely shoot.


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