2015 – Sarasota Film Festival, Day 9 pics added

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Rachel made her first public appearance since over a year. I just added pictures from Sarasota Film Festival. Rachel took part in this event on 18th of April. The pics are MQ right now and tagged – but will be replaced as soon as possible.

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What’s Rachel Weisz Up To? – by 2paragraphs.com

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Actress Rachel Weisz is currently filming The Light Between Oceans, based on the M.L. Stedman novel of the same title. It’s about a lighthouse keeper (Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave) and his wife who rescue a baby from an adrift rowboat and raise her as their own daughter. Weisz plays Hannah, a woman on the mainland who is mourning the mysterious loss of her husband and their two-month old daughter, Grace.

Weisz is also working on two untitled projects – one directed by Maria Full of Grace’s Joshua Marston, the other about yachtsman Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth). With another Colin (Farrell), Weisz has a role in the forthcoming film “The Lobster,” which is set in a dystopian future where “single people are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days or are transformed into animals and released into the woods.: Weisz is listed as “the short sighted woman.”


Blanchett, Weisz, McConaughey movies to compete at Cannes

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The latest movies starring Cate Blanchett, Rachel Weisz and Matthew McConaughey will be among those competing at the Cannes Film Festival next month, organisers said on Thursday.

Blanchett will appear in “Carol” with Rooney Mara, a lesbian love story set in New York, while Rachel Weisz will be in two movies: the Italian-directed “La Giovinezza” also featuring Michael Caine and Jane Fonda, and Greece’s “The Lobster” with Colin Farrel.

McConaughey will be in the American film “The Sea of Trees” with Naomi Watts.

Films starring Benicio del Toro and Salma Hayek will also be vying for Cannes’s Palme d’Or top prize.

Other movies chosen included several Asian picks — “The Assassin” from Taiwan, “Umimachi Diary” from Japan, “Mountains May Depart” from China — and an Australian version of “Macbeth” starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

Organisers told a media conference in Paris that they had so far finalised 16 films for the competition, but would be adding two to four more in coming weeks to have around 20 movies.

The Cannes Film Festival will run from May 13 to 24.


‘Youth’ teaser trailer caps

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I created ‘Youth’ gallery and added first pictures from the brand new teaser trailer. That’s not a lot, but still – new movie with Rachel!

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‘Youth’ (‘La Giovinezza’) first trailer

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‘The Deep Blue Sea’ new caps added

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I hope you all saw news regarding Rachel’s newest role. Meanwhle, I just switched ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ caps – from poor quality caps to HD ones. Hope you’ll like.

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Rachel Weisz Sails Towards Donald Crowhurst Biopic

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Looking to follow his award-winning Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory Of Everything, James Marsh is once more opening up the world of real-life events for a biopic of adventurous but seemingly doomed sailor Donald Crowhurst. With Colin Firth already aboard in the lead for the as-yet-untitled project, Marsh is now looking to add Rachel Weisz.

Crowhurst entered the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968 in the hopes of picking up a cash prize that would help save his faltering radio beacon business. He built a trimaran boat called the Teignmouth Electron in a hurry, but had to leave several safety features uncompleted before setting sail. He encountered problems almost immediately and began to steer erratically, eventually succumbing to conflicted psychological issues and irrationality. Although he kept filing positions claiming he was circumnavigating the globe, his boat – spoiler alert – was found adrift and abandoned on 10 July 1969. Marsh is looking to start the cameras rolling in the next couple of months.

Deadline’s story doesn’t specify which role Weisz is eyeing, but a safe bet would be that of Crowhurst’s wife, Clare, which Kate Winslet was considering at an earlier stage of the film’s development. She’s worked on several films recently, including The Early Years, The Lobster and Derek Cianfrance’s The Light Between Oceans opposite Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

source: Empire Online

Gallery update

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I added caps taken from some interviews with Rachel. Two of them were made furing ‘Oz’ promotion, two others  – ‘The Bourne Legacy’.

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‘Dream House’ update

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I also added better quality caps taken from 2011 movie ‘Dream House’. We had more of them, but the quality wasn’t as good as now.

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Could ‘The Lobster’ play at the Cannes Festival?

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When it comes to film festivals, there is arguably none more prestigious than the Cannes Film Festival. Each year, critics and the like descend on the south of France hoping to discover the classiest in cinema, which in turn can begin to fuel the impending Oscar speculation. 2015 likely will be no exception, as perhaps a few more Academy friendly projects than usual could wind up at Cannes. Sometime either this month or next, the fest will reveal the titles scheduled to play, so I wanted to get a head start and speculate a bit about what the festival could have in its lineup. Tribeca will be on my mind soon enough, but for now…Cannes gets my attention for the day.

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