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We did it! Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz look thrilled as they take a bow after making joint Broadway debut in Betrayal

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz made their joint Broadway debut playing a married couple in Betrayal on Tuesday. 

But thankfully their real life marriage doesn’t follow the same pattern as that of the protagonists of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play, which is being staged at the Ethel Barrymore Theater.

The production uses reverse chronology to examine the dynamics of a seven-year clandestine relationship of the wife (Weisz) of a London publisher (Craig) with his best friend and literary agent (Rafe Spall), who is also married.

And after months of rehearsals, both Daniel and Rachel had proud smiles on their faces as they took their closing bow after their first performance was over.

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Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Are So Private That They Don’t Talk To Each Other At Work

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As a rule, I hate blanket statements and every single person who makes them, but I’m about to briefly join that populace as I say: there has never been and shall never be a Hollywood couple more private than Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. These two speak about each other to the media so infrequently that I’m not even 100% convinced that they know they’re married to each other.

Whereas most celebrities say they want to live outside the glare of the media but make absolutely no adjustments in their life to try to make that a reality, Daniel and Rachel are seriously putting their money where their mouths are. Except I don’t even know where their mouths are, because they open them so rarely to talk.

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Rachel Weisz to adapt Jennifer Gilmore’s The Mothers

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A feature on Rachel Weisz in last week’s New York Magazine contained a short mention of the Academy Award-winning actress ”putting a film together based on Jennifer Gilmore’s novel The Mothers.” The Mothers, praised by the New York Times as “spirited and admirably frank,” is an intensely personal book for Gilmore, drawing from her own experiences and struggles with adopting a child. Gilmore told Terry Gross on the Fresh Air program:

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Rachel Weisz: ‘Oz the Great & Powerful’ Sequel in the Works!

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Rachel Weisz braves the snow as she leaves a taping of Good Morning America on Friday (March 8) in New York City.

The 43-year-old actress, who rocked Dolce&Gabbana on the morning show, went on the program to chat about her film Oz the Great and Powerful, which hits theaters today!

It was just announced that Disney is already commissioning a sequel to the movie, which is expected to earn upwards of $80 million in theaters this weekend, according to Variety.

No word yet if any of the original cast members will be attached to the sequel.


Rachel Weisz steals the show at Oz The Great and Powerful premiere thanks to Victoria Beckham

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Rachel Weisz stole the show from her co-stars Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis as she hit the red carpet in Hollywood last night – with a little help from Victoria Beckham.
The British actress added a much-needed dash of colour-pop to the Oz The Great & Powerful premiere, stepping out in a bright orange floor-sweeping gown from Victoria Beckham’s collection.

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Harper’s Bazaar Shoot added

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I just added pics of Rachel covering march issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Lovely!



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Rachel Weisz on the cover of march issue of Harper’s Bazaar

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Rachel will appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in march 2013. Here’s the prevew of the session. Stay tunned for the pics!



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RACHEL WEISZ was thrilled to land a role as the Wicked Witch of the East in THE WIZARD OF OZ prequel because it gave her the chance to play a villain.

The actress stars alongside James Franco as the wizard in upcoming movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, which is based on the books of L. Frank Baum and tells the story previous to Judy Garland’s famous 1939 film.

Mila Kunis plays Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West, while Weisz tackles the role of Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the East – and she relished the chance to show off her bad side.

She tells, “It’s the prequel to The Wizard Of Oz, the genesis of how he became the Wizard and got to Emerald City. There are huge, fantastical special effects – and I can fly. I’d never done anything like that. I play Evanora the Wicked Witch of the East. She’s so bad, so it’s a total departure (from my other films).”

The Mummy star now prefers to tackle smaller, independent movies, but she is always open to returning to blockbusters to give her a break from the emotional intensity of her more challenging roles.

She adds, “Working with a green screen (on blockbusters) is easy. It’s just like being a kid. But it’s not nearly as satisfying. I prefer smaller movies because they tend to be more about character than about story… (But) you can’t plumb the depths (of emotion) all the time.”


Rachel Weisz brings the brains and the beauty to ‘The Bourne Legacy’

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Rachel Weisz was my second interview of the day at the recent press event for “The Bourne Legacy,” right after I talked to Jeremy Renner, and when we walked in, she spotted my seven-year-old son Toshi, who was with me.

She said hello to him, and he smiled, more shy than normal.  I told her that he was probably just recovering from how excited he was to meet Renner.  Toshi was even wearing his “Avengers” t-shirt.

She nodded.  “Of course,” she said.  “He’s a superhero, after all.  I can’t compete with that.  I’m just a weird lady in a leather dress.”

Toshi might not understand the appeal of Weisz, but I was certainly pleased to sit down and chat with her again.  The last time I saw her was in Montreal on the set of “The Fountain,” and that encounter was a brief one because of how emotionally demanding that shoot was for both her and Hugh Jackman.

She’s an important part of the puzzle in “The Bourne Legacy,” one of the most sympathetic characters in the film.  Even so, there’s still plenty of grey in the characterization, and it’s interesting to see how likable she makes this morally compromised scientist who has been happily hiding her head in the sand until the undeniable end result of her work shows up in her apartment, desperate for her help.

She and Renner have strong chemistry in the film, and it’s nice to see that it’s not played as pure romance.  Instead, there’s a tension between them that has to do with their situation, and I love the way they play off each other.  Talking to her about a film like this, which is so different than what we normally see from her, I’m struck anew by how well she’s able to ground the characters she plays.  There’s something approachable and centered about her that almost makes it possible to forget she’s so stunningly beautiful.


“The Bourne Legacy” opens this Friday in theaters everywhere.

Bulgari presents a new ad campaign watch collection Bulgari Serpenti with Rachel Weisz

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Annie Leibovitz, the famous photographer, which tend to work almost all modern celebrities, created a series of shots in partnership with Bulgari for a new advertising campaign hour collection Bulgari Serpenti. Star of the photo shoot was the actress Rachel Weisz.

pictures of Rachel posing for Bulgari added to the gallery